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Components For Pig Feed Formulation For Various Stage

Feed is the basis of pig development as well as advancement, as well as the dietary worth of any kind of element in pig feed is different, so it must be clinically proportioned according to various growth phases of pigs, including vitamins, minerals and other trace elements in order to make pigs consume feed with much better effect, and also the best pig feed recipe is generally based on the weight of pigs as the reference criterion.

1. Pig Feed Dish For Little Pigs (About 10-20 Kg).

Corn meal 57%, soybean meal 20%, fish meal 5%, rice bran or wheat bran 15%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1%, shellac 0.5%, salt 0.35%, premix 1% (having micronutrient, vitamins, non-nutritive ingredients, etc).

This pig feed solution contains 3230 calories/kg of digestible energy, 18.4% crude protein, 3.5% unrefined fiber, 0.73% calcium, 0.682% phosphorus as well as 0.92% lysine, all signs satisfy the nutritional requirements of hog diets, which is a relatively standard pig feed nutrition formula.

2. Pig Feed Solution For Large Pigs (Around 60 To 90 Kg Or More).

Corn dish 70%, soybean dish 15%, rice bran or wheat bran 12%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.0%, shellac 0.8%, salt 0.35%, premix (having trace elements, vitamins, non-nutritive additives, and so on) 1%.

This pig feed formula has 14% crude healthy protein, 3240 calories/kg digestible energy, 3.7% unrefined fiber, 0.60% calcium, 0.535% phosphorus, 0.65% lysine, all indications can meet the dietary demands of huge pigs diet regimen, and it is not too high, it is a reasonably conventional nutrition formula for big pigs feed. However, lysine is just 0.02% greater than 0.63% of the feeding standard.

Recently, climate warming, flooding stormy season to advertise the widespread event as well as development of mold and mildew in food manufacturing, plus food and also feed storage space, transport will likewise lead to more mycotoxin manufacturing, which is straight manifested in the increasingly severe injury to livestock and also poultry.

3. Pig Feed Formula For Medium-Sized Pigs (Concerning 20-60 Kg).

Corn dish 62%, soybean meal 20%, rice bran or wheat bran 15%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.2%, shellac 0.8%, salt 0.35%, premix 1% (having trace elements, vitamins, non-nutritive ingredients, and so on).

This pig feed formula has 16% crude protein, 3180 calories/kg digestible power, 3.8% unrefined fiber, 0.656% calcium, 0.577% phosphorus, 0.74% lysine, all indications can satisfy the dietary demands of the diet regimen for medium-sized pigs, as well as it is not expensive, which is a relatively typical dietary formula for medium-sized pig feed.

Nonetheless, due to the elimination of fish dish, the lysine web content decreased extra, 0.01% less than the 0.75% required by the feeding requirement, however the correlation is not big and can be overlooked.


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