1. Energy type pig feed

Energy type pig feed is a feed with crude fiber material less than 18% as well as unrefined healthy protein content less than 20% in dry issue. It is characterized by high power, much less crude fiber, and excellent palatability. power type pig feed components include grain feed, bran feed, barley, corn, sorghum, wheat, millet, rice, buckwheat, sorghum bran, barnyard bran, wheat bran, etc

2. Roughage type pig feed

Generally air-dried feeds are fed with reduced dietary value compared to various other feeds, roughage type pig feed ingredients mainly include hay, straw, leaves, turf flour and also agricultural by-products and leaves, etc

3. Healthy protein kind pig feed

Protein kind pig feeds have a reduced all-natural water content and a protein content of greater than 20%, including plant-based or animal-based protein feeds. protein pig feed components includes plant-based healthy protein feed: soybean, soybean cake, peanut cake, rapeseed cake, etc. Animal healthy protein feeds: cicada pupae, fish as well as shrimp dish, meat dish, dairy items, etc

4. Mineral kind pig feed

Mineral pig feeds can supplement pigs with mineral elements, which are crucial nutrients for pigs’ growth process, and also can be included appropriate amount. mineral pig feed ingredients consist of minerals such as calcium carbonate, copper sulfate, table salt, potassium iodide, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate and also various other mineral additives premix. and also consisting of all type of vitamins A, B, D, etc, which can make the pig’s body job much better in the metabolic procedure.


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